Ch 18 - The Multiverse Blues - Milkcow’s Calf Blues

Before I begin this episode, I'd like to let you know that the world of Erde, as mentioned in The Multiverse Blues, was first featured in my stand-alone science fiction novel, Reality Check. It's the steampunky "silly hat" world that Lee visits. Reality Check is possibly my single most popular book. I want you to also know that the world of Erde is the world of my Trans-Continental series, where Ida and Duffy have their steampunk adventures.

Please do check out these books and more on my website, at

Last time on The Multiverse Blues. Jules finds themself in a boat with a new friend, in yet another Earth. Only this Earth seems to not be linked into the Arch Network, so there's no obvious way for them to return.

As a side note, if you've ever wondered why I name the chapters of the Multiverse Blues the way I do, it's because I'm using only the titles of Robert Johnson songs. It just seemed to go with the concept somehow.

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