Ch 1. The Multiverse Blues - Crossroads


In this, the premiere episode of The Multiverse Blues, we meet Jules, who's chasing a cat down a rabbit-hole to myriad 'verses!

Welcome to my new science fiction serial, The Multiverse Blues! I have had this idea rolling around in my head for a few years, or rather just a concept: Space Roadie. I put it dutifully in my Story Ideas file and have revisited a few times here and there to add some thoughts. But upon starting this podcast, I had a flash: what if the "Space Roadie" doesn't join an alien pop star's entourage. What if instead they travel through networked inter-dimensional gates to alternate realities? It could be an extension of the concept from my Reality Check novel, and I could visit strange, new worlds without the need for a spaceship.


The idea of a serial has appealed to me for awhile, since I am somewhat of a pantser, that is, I write by the seat of my pants. Okay, guilty admission, I DO outline for longer works, but it's sketchy at best, because I like my stories to grow organically. The podcast format, like old radio shows, seems to me to be an ideal medium for such an endeavor, so I am taking the challenge of writing another episode every two weeks, with my flash and short stories in between.

To be continued in Episode Two in two weeks. I welcome comments on The Multiverse Blues on Podbean, on my website, and on social media. My contact info is on

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